The QualiPure line of Commercial Reverse Osmosis

units are available in a complete water purification

system for water bottling. QualiPure “Water Store”

plants provide the total water treatment process

pre-treatment, reverse osmosis, post-

disinfection, product storage, and



Optional Features

• Metered Control Valves on Pre-Treatment Filters

• Stainless Cartridge Filter Housings

• Stainless Steel High-pressure R.O. piping

• 50Hz/220V/1-phase or 50Hz/60Hz 3-phase motor

• Stainless Steel Control Valves

• Fiberglass Pressure Vessels

• Additional Instrumentation (pH, Turbidity,


• 316SS High-Pressure R.O. Pump

• Permeate Storage Tanks

Reverse Osmosis Design Assumptions

• Feed water of 500 mg/L TDS at 25C, SDI < 3,

Turbidity < 1

• Negligible permeate back pressure

• 3rd year of operation allowing for Flux

Decline and Salt Passage Increase

• Flux, Brine Flow, and Recovery in accordance

with membrane manufacturers


Haliant Technologies offers a complete packaged water purification plant fully assembled on a single skid. From pretreatment, reverse osmosis system to post treatment, the package is ready to produce high quality water for many applications. These include water stores, water jet cutting machines, hotels, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and other commercial and industrial uses. We use high quality RO membranes and components and with Haliant Technologies you are assured overall quality and reliability of our water purification systems. All our reverse osmosis systems are thoroughly tested before shipment.

Water Purification Systems and Solutions from Haliant Technologies can be designed to meet the most demanding applications. Each packaged system is designed and built for simple operation and ease of maintenance. The system components have been selected, developed,  and optimized for use in  almost any application. Haliant Technologies manufacturers both standard and custom Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems. Custom Reverse Osmosis Purification solutions from Haliant Technologies have been designed to produce many other kinds of water including: Boiler Feed, Turbine Wash, Battery top-up, and the higher capacity demands of Crude desalting, and Well Injection

The simplicity of Haliant Technologies integrated water Purification systems allow them to be easily operated and maintained experienced personnel.  Haliant Technologies has provided seawater and freshwater filtration, pumping, and storage packages; ultraviolet and chlorine sterilization packages; and completely custom engineered water systems for customers around the world.

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