HaliaTM brand Sea Water Reverse
Osmosis systems from Haliant Technologies provide the right combination of value and features required for any desalination application. Every HaliaTM R.O. system is manufactured from the highest quality components to the exacting standards of all Haliant Technologies equipment. Standard HaliaTM R.O. models are available for any commerical application from 1,600 to over 150,000 GPD.

HaliaTM brand Sea Water Reverse Osmosis systems are designed to produce potable permeate water from sea water of up to 50,000 ppm of TDS. Halia systems equipped with energy recovery systems as standard equipment are the most cost effective in the industry, capable of energy efficiencies below 3.0 kW-hrs/m3.

Design Assumptions

• Feed Water of 36,000 mg/L TDS at 25 C, SDI < 3, Stainless Steel Frame
• Turbidity < 1
• 3rd year of operation allowing for Flux Decline and Salt Passage Increase
• Negligible permeate backpressure
• 99.5% Salt Rejection elements
• Flux, Minimum Brine Flow, and Recovery in accordance with membrane manufacturers recommendations

System Specifications

Standard Features

High-Rejection Sea Water Membranes
316L Stainless Steel Valves, Pressure Gauges
904L Stainless Steel High-Pressure Piping*
60Hz/200V-460V, 3-phase motor*
Automatic High and Low Feed Pressure Shut-off Permeate and Concentrate Flowmeters*
904L Stainless Steel Centrigugal Pump*
Automatic Feed Water Shut-off Valve
5-micron Sediment Prefilter
Fiberglass Pressure Vessels
Prefilter Pressure Gauges
Automatic Permeate Flush*
Energy Recovery System*
Stainless Steel Frame

 Optional Features

Chemical Dosing System
Clean-in-Place System
TDS, pH, Temperature, Turbidity Instruments
PLC Control
Special Color or Private Label
50Hz Motor

* Standard Feature of HALIA-SW-5 and larger units, optional on HALIA-1 through HALIA-SW-4 systems

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