HerculesTM brand Ultrafiltration

systems from Haliant Technologies

provide the right combination of

value and features required for any

waste water application. Every

HerculesTM U.F. system is

manufactured from the highest

quality components to the exacting

standards of all Haliant

Technologies equipment. Standard

HerculesTM UF models are available

for any industrial application from

1,600 to over 500,000 GPD.

Ultra-filtration is a low-pressure membrane process, capable of removing colloidal materials, fine suspensions, bacteria, virus, suspended solids and large molecular weight organic materials depending on the Molecular Weight cutoff of the membrane. Ultra-Filtration technology is one of the fastest growing technologies in the water treatment industry. Membrane systems have been used for many years to clean water for reuse in hundreds of industrial applications.

Membrane filtration provides a physical barrier to separate and concentrate suspended solids, oils, greases, waxes, and odor causing biological contaminants. The water produced from the system is so clean that it can be combined with reverse osmosis systems to produce drinking quality water. Ultra-filtration can provide water quality of .01 micron — small enough to remove almost all bacteria, viruses, and suspended solids. Ultra-filtration is a pressure-driven purification process in which water and low molecular weight substances permeate a membrane while particles, colloids, and macromolecules are filtered. The primary removal mechanism is size exclusion. The clean water produced from the system can be re-used or blended with other sources of water in industrial and commercial applications reducing water and sewer costs for many industries.

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